Hi! What is This?

> January 6th, 2020

I… am not sure, actually. The first idea was to create this website to play a bit with front-end development (which I’ve always avoided and rarely did), as well as have something to show off to potential recruiters and people in general. But, in the process of mindstorming it and writing a little bit, it felt like the greatest thing since sliced bread. This is my first try at writing stuff for other people to read outside of school work, as well as my first time writing more than a handful of paragraphs in English, and I’m enjoying it way more than I expected.

As of right now, the plan is for this to be a personal blog with posts about things I am passionate about. Computer Science? University? Tech? Learning? Games? Books? I guess we’ll see. If there are posts dated previous to this one, they were written before the website was created or are part of the “little bit” mentioned above, and probably are about past events or projects.

All in all, there’s no concrete goal or schedule. Just a side project and maybe even a new hobby.

For now, you can check the About Me page by clicking here or in the header above.

Advent of Code 2019 in Review

> December 27th, 2019

At last, Advent of Code 2019 has come to an end! If you are new to it, it’s an Advent calendar full of programming puzzles from December 1st all the way to Christmas, made by the amazing Eric Wastl every year since 2015.

This was my second year participating, but the first time actually completing all days before the end of the month! You can check my Python 3 solutions on my GitHub, and you can also keep reading for more info and my comments on the event.


Synacor Challenge in Review

> October 5th, 2019

I’ve had the Synacor Challenge bookmarked for a couple years now, having probably found it somewhere on the Advent of Code website or subreddit. Since I’m currently taking a Computer Architecture course and I’ve been busy for the last couple days building a MIPS Pipeline Simulator for it, I figured I would give it a shot.

It started just as a way to spend some free time I had on a friday morning, but as I started unraveling the challenge’s surprises, that quickly grew to a whole weekend spent solely on it. All my code is on my GitHub, as well as a full writeup, written as I was progressing through the challenge. You can also keep reading for more info and my spoiler-free comments on it.